Inspection of Air Compressors

With tremendously expanding demand for increase in productivity, use of Air Compressor is becoming inevitable for any Industry. ATIS provides all types of Inspection and Certification services for Air Compressors to ensure the compliance as per American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Society of Mechanical engineers (ASME). We inspect all types of Air Compressors such as

  • Centrifugal Compressors.
  • Axial Compressor.
  • Process screw Compressor.
  • Turbo Compressor.
  • Reciprocating Compressor.
  • Rotary screw Compressor.
  • Single stage and multi stage Compressor.

Need for Inspecting an Air Compressor

An Air Compressor is designed to work under high Pressure. Regular monitoring and Inspection is required to evaluate the performance of the Air Compressor. Certain Hazards associated with the functioning of Air Compressor are

  • Rupture under Excessive Pressure.
  • Oil Leaks.
  • Foreign Particles
  • Over Heating
  • Explosion. Etc.

Spectrum of our Services

  • Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Inspection for Damage and Cracks.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Leakage or Damage Inspection.
  • Inspection of Gaskets, ‘o’ Rings and Seals according to the Manufacturer’s specification.
  • Inspection of Drive Belt.
  • Cleaning of the Interior Elements.
  • Rotor Balancing at Low and High Speeds.
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauges.